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Focal Shape 40 4 inch Powered Studio Monitor. (PAIR)

Focal Shape 40 4 inch Powered Studio Monitor. (PAIR)
Focal Shape 40 4 inch Powered Studio Monitor. (PAIR)
Focal Shape 40 4 inch Powered Studio Monitor. (PAIR)

Focal Shape 40 4 inch Powered Studio Monitor. (PAIR)    Focal Shape 40 4 inch Powered Studio Monitor. (PAIR)

A Symphony of Speaker Innovation. Focal leads the way in affordable nearfield monitors by combining breakthrough designs with technologies they first developed for high-end models such as their successful SM series. This Shape 40 is the 4 model in the Shape series, which brings top-quality Focal reference monitoring to your studio, editing suite, songwriting workstation, or any other application where your space may be limited but your need for accurate monitoring isn't.

A cutting-edge flax-sandwich cone, M-shaped inverted-dome driver, innovative acoustics, and ideal electronics all add up to a speaker that's extremely linear and free from distortion, offering clear midrange intelligibility and imaging. And thanks to its dual-passive-radiator design, you can comfortably place your Shape 40s near walls, while enjoying extended low end that's still tight, controlled, and accurate. Raising the bar on glass speaker cones.

Focal first introduced their glass-fiber speaker cones in their SM series, where the extraordinary definition provided by their lightweight rigidity made them an instant hit among professional mix engineers. Focal's Shape series takes this speaker design one step further by introducing a layer of flax fiber, which is significantly more rigid and twice as light as glass fiber.

They sandwiched this flax layer between layers of glass fiber, resulting in a piston-like low-frequency action and increased dampening. You'll be astonished by the low-frequency accuracy and midrange clarity these speakers offer.

You couldn't ask for better compact nearfield monitors when it comes to critical mixing applications. The Shape series introduces another major design upgrade to Focal's nearfield monitor technology by reimagining their already impressive aluminum-magnesium dome tweeter. For starters, the M shape itself provides increased rigidity, which offers many of the same advantages as the increased rigidity of their flax fiber cones: greater definition with lower distortion. The M-shaped dome works with its own dedicated TMD surround for an impressively linear response below 6kHz. This horn also comes outfitted with housing that provides equal horizontal and vertical directivity, and a less-directional profile overall. Finally, the magnetic component, which features a Kapton former in the voice coil, offers a lower high-frequency distortion than Focal has previously achieved in an affordable nearfield monitor. TMD surround ensures total midrange neutrality. Beneath the elegant walnut veneer and meticulously calculated MDF enclosure, each Shape series studio monitor features a number of technologies that give them uniquely linear frequency responses. One of these is the TMD surround ringing either speaker.

Strangely enough, this stabilization element comes from special architecture found at the top of skyscrapers such as Taipei 101. These suspended harmonic absorbers promote a more piston-like action that targets specific frequencies. In the Shape series, these surrounds produce a remarkably flat frequency response around 1kHz2kHz, resulting in astonishing neutrality with virtually no measurable distortion.

Double passive radiators ensure low-end stability. One of the technologies Focal popularized in their previous generation upper-end monitors was the use of passive radiators. Just as they did in the SM series, these passive radiators provide the Shape series reference monitors with an extended low-frequency response that goes far beyond what the seasoned studio engineers at Sweetwater expect from modest-sized nearfields.

By balancing low-frequency harmonics with the dual surrounds highlighted above, these passive radiators accomplish what ports simply can't, providing you with low-frequency tuning that extends bass clarity and allows you to position your monitors closer to walls, without compromising accuracy. This detail makes them an ideal choice for small studios and editing suites.

It's impossible to overstate how important a role the amplifier plays in the function of precision reference monitors such as Focal's Shape series, both in terms of pairing the appropriate electronics with the acoustic elements and in providing you with the flexibility needed to tailor the sound to your control room. Regardless of other settings, Shape series studio monitors provide a stable tonal balance at any volume, a key element in creating mixes that translate well outside the studio.

At the same time, you can easily adjust your Shape studio monitors to your room, thanks to the tunable shelving filters and a 160Hz crossover slope. There's also an adjustable highpass filter onboard, so you can cut out serious low-frequency problems or accommodate specific subwoofer setups. Focal Shape 40 Active Nearfield Studio Monitor Features. Innovative and affordable nearfield reference monitor with onboard amplification.

Perfect for small studios, editing suites, music composition workstations, and mixing studios. Integrated TMD surrounds and dual passive radiators increase low-frequency response and harmonic stability. Radiators provide flexible low-frequency tuning and depth that hold up even when positioned near walls. 4 glass-/flax-/glass-fiber speaker cone delivers extreme mid- and low-frequency definition with minimal distortion.

Innovative M-shaped aluminum-magnesium inverted dome tweeter offers amazing neutrality below 6kHz. Redefined speaker housing offers even horizontal and vertical dispersion with decreased directionality for broad sweet spot. Extremely stable Neutral Inductance Circuit N. Offers an optimized crossover and reduced harmonic distortion/intermodulation between speakers. Precision amplification includes high- and low-frequency shelving and a 160Hz crossover slope.

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Focal Shape 40 4 inch Powered Studio Monitor. (PAIR)    Focal Shape 40 4 inch Powered Studio Monitor. (PAIR)